W1S1 [ˈa:mi US ˈa:r-] n plural armies
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: armee, from Medieval Latin armata; ARMADA]
1.) the army [also + plural verb British English]
the part of a country's military force that is trained to fight on land in a war
The army are helping to clear up after the floods.
an army officer
Army units launched attacks on bases near Jounieh port.
He joined the army when he was 17.
in the army
Both my sons are in the army.
a large organized group of people trained to fight on land in a war
Rebel armies have taken control of the radio station.
raise an army
(=collect together and organize an army to fight a battle)
The Slovenians say they can raise an army of 20,000 men.
a large number of people involved in the same activity
army of
The village hall is maintained by an army of volunteers .
similar words: armed forces, the military, the services
people in the army: soldier, troops, infantry, G.I. (AmE old-fashioned), squaddy (BrE)
to join the army: join up/enlist
to leave the army: be discharged, desert (=without permission)
go A.W.O.L. (=without permission)
to make people serve in the armed forces: call up (BrE) draft (AmE)
the system of making people serve in the armed forces: conscription, military service, the draft (AmE), national service (BrE)
relating to the armed forces: military
See also: navy1 , air force, Marine Corps, court-martial

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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